I believe we all have, within ourselves, the ability to work through our own problems; sometimes we just need the space, time and support to do it.  Talking through emotional turmoil, life experiences or life changes with a therapist can help you gain clarity and a better understanding of yourself.

by Carol Hemingway Photography

Sometimes talking to our friends and family can seem too difficult. We can’t help wondering if we will be taken seriously or what they might think of us? Maybe we just don’t want to worry them.

What would it be like to talk to someone who will listen without judging you or offering you advice?  Someone who can be a thinking partner.

As a psychodynamically trained therapist I aim to do just that. Counselling and Psychotherapy can be an inspiring life changing experience or it can be solution focused to help you through a particularly difficult time.

Psychodynamic counselling provides an opportunity to think about early experiences, how they may have shaped our psychological development and influenced our relationships throughout out lives. As a Psychodynamic therapist I believe we are influenced by both conscious and unconscious thoughts, desires, fears, anxieties and fantasies. Counselling provides the opportunity to explore any or all of the issues you are concerned with in a safe secure environment.

Your initial appointment will give you an opportunity to meet with me to decide whether you will feel comfortable working with me and a possible focus for our work together.  We can then arrange a time to meet each week for 50 minutes.

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